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Polarographic study of sodium dithionate

V. Čermák

Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague


Abstract: The polarographic behavior of Na2S2O4 (I) in neutral and alk. medium is a good example of an electrode process where in the vicinity of the electrode there is reaction S2O42- → 20SO2- (II) that is the decompn. of dimer into 2 monomers. The theoretical calcns. agree with the expts. and confirm the equil. of II in solns. It is also possible to calc. the relation of const. of decompn. of dimer 'k' and equil. const. K = [D]/[M]2. A reaction scheme, explaining the polarographic behavior of I in acid solns. and mechanism of the electrode processes of H2SO3, is given.

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Chemical Papers 8 (10) 714–721 (1954)

Saturday, February 24, 2024

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