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The spectral analysis of brasses by Pfeilsticker's intermittent arc

F. Kr√°lik


Abstract: Pfeilsticker's intermittent arc and Zeiss Q 24 app. give good results in the detn. of Al, Sn, Pb, and Mn. The sparking by the Fuess app. is not satisfactory for detg. traces of Al and Fe. The sparking curves can be explained by the theory of M.ovrddot.ader-Potzelberger (C.A. 40, 7044.1) and by the dependence on the ionization potentials. The intensity of spectral lines is influenced by the ionization potentials of the alloyed elements and m.p. of the alloys. There is a mutual influence of Cu and Zn on the detn. and calibration of Al and Sn.

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Chemical Papers 1 (9-10) 277–294 (1947)

Sunday, February 05, 2023

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