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Author: Šindelář

Tetracyanonickelates(II) of Copper(II) with Bidentate, Tridentate, and Tetradentate N-Donor Ligands 89 92
Z. Smékal, H. Strnadová, Z. Šindelář, M. Pavlíček, and J. Walla Vol. 59, 2
Polynuclear Complexes of Nickel(II) with Cyanide as Bridging Ligand 95 98
Z. Smékal, F. Březina, Z. Šindelář, R. Klička, and M. Nádvorník Vol. 51, 2
Dithiocarbamate Complexes of Nickel with Triphenylphosphine and Isothiocyanate as Mixed Ligands 317 323
R. Pastorek, J. Kameníček, F. Březina, Z. Šindelář, E. Jehlářová, Nv. Duffy, and T. Glowiak Vol. 48, 5
Complexes of Nickel with Heterocyclic Dithiocarbamates and Triphenylphosphine as Mixed π-Acceptor Ligands 210 214
R. Pastorek, J. Kameníček, F. Březina, M. Hamrusová, Z. Šindelář, and J. Lasovský Vol. 47, 4
Complexes of acylated thioamides and related compounds with copper(I) and nickel(II) ions and their antimycobacterial activity 35 40
J. Mollin, K. Poláškova, Ž. Odlerová, and Z. Šindelář Vol. 43, 1
Complex-compounds of nickel with salicylaldoxime 727 733
F. Bŕezina, H. Tillmannová, and Z. Šindelář Vol. 40, 6
Reactions of thioamides with the ions of copper and antimycobacterial activity of the formed complexes 239 246
J. Mollin, F. Kašpárek, Ž. Odlerová, and Z. Šindelář Vol. 40, 2

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