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Author: Štefek

Cu(II) mediated oxidation of cemtirestat yields its disulfide under physiological conditions in vitro 6783 6788
Pavol Bodo, Lucia Kovacikova, Andrej Bohac, and Milan Stefek Vol. 76, 11
3′-O-(3-Chloropivaloyl)quercetin, α-glucosidase inhibitor with multi-targeted therapeutic potential in relation to diabetic complications 1439 1444
Marta Soltesova-Prnova, Ivana Milackova, and Milan Stefek Vol. 70, 11
Novel quercetin derivatives: synthesis and screening for anti-oxidant activity and aldose reductase inhibition 76 83
Miroslav Veverka, Ján Gallovič, Emil Švajdlenka, Eva Veverková, Naďa Prónayová, Ivana Miláčková, and Milan Štefek Vol. 67, 1
Thermal degradation of basic alkoxy carbanilates in a gas chromatograph 209 212
M. Štefek, L. Beneš, and V. Kováčik Vol. 37, 2
Reaction gas chromatography of basic alkoxy carbanilates with trimethylanilinium hydroxide 213 216
M. Štefek, L. Beneš, and V. Kováčik Vol. 37, 2
Mass spectrometry of basic alkoxy carbanilates having local anesthetic properties 688 694
M. Štefek, L. Beneš, and V. Kováčik Vol. 34, 5
Structure elucidation of new N-aminoacetyl-o-alkoxymethylanilide type local anesthetics by mass spectrometry 543 549
M. Štefek, L. Beneš, and V. Kováčik Vol. 34, 4
Synthesis of 7,8-dihydro-5H-isoindolo[1,2-b][3]benzazepin-5-one from narceine imide N-oxide 248 252
B. Proksa, Z. Votický, and M. Štefek Vol. 34, 2
10-Oxomorphine, a decomposition product of morphine 710 714
B. Proksa, Z. Votický, L. Molnár, J. Putek, and M. Štefek Vol. 32, 5

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