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Author: Brezová

Four novel cobalt(II) succinate coordination polymers with N-heterocyclic ligands: crystal structures, spectral properties, magnetism and computational study 3741 3753
Marek Brezovan, Vladimír Kuchtanin, Ján Moncol, Ján Pavlik, Ľubor Dlháň, and Peter Segľa Vol. 74, 11
Ca2+-binding S100A1 protein in slow and fast skeletal muscles of the rat 416 417
B. Maco, A. Brezova, Bw. Schafer, B. Uhrik, and Cw. Heizmann Vol. 52, SI
Kinetic and Photoredox Behaviour of Iron(III) Complexes with Kojic Acid (vol 51, pg 252, 1997) 68 68
J. Makáňová, J. Šima, and V. Brezová Vol. 52, 1
Kinetic and Photoredox Behaviour of Iron(III) Complexes with Kojic Acid 252 257
J. Makáňová, J. Šima, V. Brezová, and H. Elias Vol. 51, 5
A Study of Photoelectrochemical Deposition of Organic Layers on Sol-Gel Ti02 Surfaces 193 197
M. Čeppan, M. Mikula, R. Fiala, V. Brezová, A. Blažková, and J. Panák Vol. 51, 4
Photooxidation of Cinnamaldehyde in Methanol — Product  Analysis and Evolving Factor Analysis of UV Spectra 25 30
M. Čeppan, R. Fiala, V. Brezová, J. Panák, and V. Motlíková Vol. 48, 1
The Photocatalytic Degradation of Cyclic Acetals in Aqueous Titanium Dioxide Suspension 359 363
V. Brezová, M. Breza, and M. Čeppan Vol. 46, 6
Photocatalytic oxidation of 2,6-dichloroindophenol in the titanium dioxide aqueous suspension 233 246
V. Brezová, M. Čeppan, and M. Veselyý and L. Lapčík Vol. 45, 2

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