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Author: Dandár

Rheological properties of doughs with buckwheat and quinoa additives 738 741
Michala Jancurová, Lucia Minarovičová, and Alexander Dandár Vol. 63, 6
Synthesis of substituted Furo[2 ',3 ': 4,5]pyrrolo[1,2-d][1,2,4]triazolo[3,4-f][1,2,4]triazines 123 125
A. Krutošíková and M. Dandárová Vol. 53, 2
Synthesis of 4-methoxyphenyl-substituted furo-fused derivatives 398 402
M. Benckova, A. Krutosikova, and M. Dandarova Vol. 51, 6B
Reactions of Methyl 2-Formylfuro[3,2-b]pyrrole-5-carboxylates 72 76
A. Krutošíková and M. Dandárová Vol. 50, 2
Substituted Vinyl Azides in the Synthesis of Condensed Nitrogen Heterocycies 268 273
A. Krutošíková, M. Dandárová, and J. Alföldi Vol. 48, 4
 Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Selected 2-Thienylethylene Derivatives 48 51
K. Špirková and M. Dandárová Vol. 47, 1
1-(5-Nitro-2-furyl)-2-propenylation of Aromatic Derivatives under Friedel-Crafts Conditions 333 336
D. Berkeš, D. Végh, and M. Dandárová Vol. 46, 5
Correction 432 432
A. Krutošíková, M. Dandárová, V. Konečný, and J. Kováč Vol. 44, 3
N-substituted 2,6-dialkylanilides 119 130
A. Krutošíková, M. Dandárová, V. Konečný, and J. Kováč Vol. 44, 1
Preparation of 2-substituted furo[3,2-b]pyrroles and their reactions with dimethyl butynedioate 457 464
A. Koreňová, A. Krutošíková, M. Dandárová, and J. Kováč Vol. 43, 3
 1H and 13C NMR study of the structure of the reaction-product of 4-acetylfuro[3,2-b]pyrrole with dimethyl butynedioate 659 663
M. Dandárová, A. Krutošíková, J. Alfőldi, and J. Kováč Vol. 42, 5
Substituted 5-phenoxy-2-furaldehydes and their derivatives 81 88
A. Krutošíková, V. Konečný, M. Dandárová, and J. Kováč Vol. 42, 1
Reactions of furo[3,2-b]pyrroles and their benzo[b] analogs 89 95
A. Krutošíková, E. Kráľovičová, M. Dandárová, and P. Kelemen Vol. 42, 1
Nucleophilic vinyl substitution Synthesis and stereochemistry of new enamino ketones of furan series 665 672
J. Kristofčák, J. Kováč, M. Dandárová, and D. Végh Vol. 40, 5
Furan derivatives. CLIV. Synthesis of 5-nitrofuran type cyclopropanes by a reaction of diazomethane with α,β-unsaturated sulfones 394 398
A. Jurášek, D. Polakovičová, M. Dandárová, and J. Kováč Vol. 34, 3
Furan derivatives. CI. Nitration of methyl 2-cyano-3-R-3-(2-furyl)acrylates and some properties of their nitro derivatives 378 385
M. Černayová, J. Kováč, M. Dandárová, P. Foltínová, and L. Ebringer Vol. 32, 3
Furan derivatives. CVII. Stereochemistry of substituted β-(2-furyl)vinyl cyanides 397 401
F. Považanec, J. Kováč, and M. Dandárová Vol. 32, 3
Isolation of lignin-polysaccharide complexes from the soluble portions of methylated wood 23 34
B. Kosiková, J. Polčin, and M. Dandárova-Vašátková Vol. 21, 1-2
Polarographic determination of colloids in sugar beet juices 81 86
J. Študnický and A. Dandár Vol. 21, 1-2
The changes of infrared spectra of sprucewood lignin in the 1600-1800 cm-1 region during acidolysis 891 904
J. Polčin, B. Kosíková, P. Šipoš, M. Dandárová-Vašátkova, and J. Suchý Vol. 17, 12

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