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Author: Danielik

Preparation and characterisation of hydrotalcites colloid dispersions suitable for deacidification of paper information carriers 1719 1730
Jana Jurišová, Vladimír Danielik, Soňa Malečková, Eva Guzikiewiczová, Milan Králik, Katarína Vizárová, Marta Ambrová, and Pavel Fellner Vol. 78, 3
Absorption of ammonia in the melt of ammonium nitrate 3119 3128
Vladimír Danielik, Jana Jurišová, Pavel Fellner, Radka Štefancová, and Milan Kučera Vol. 72, 12
Kinetics of the conversion reaction of gypsum with ammonium carbonate 2631 2639
Vladimír Danielik, Pavel Fellner, Jana Jurišová, and Milan Králik Vol. 72, 10
Discontinuous alkylation of diphenylamine with nonene for maximum catalyst utilization 1453 1461
Michal Sklenár, Vladimír Danielik, and Pavol Hudec Vol. 71, 8
Electrochemical behaviour of lanthanum fluoride in molten fluorides 559 565
Marta Ambrová, Jana Jurišová, and Vladimír Danielik Vol. 62, 6
Electrochemical behaviour of the LiF-(CaF2)-La2O3 system 154 159
Marta Ambrová, Jana Jurišová, Alexandra Sýkorová, Dalibor Uher, Vladimír Danielik, and Ján Híveš Vol. 62, 2
Properties of Ni-W alloy coatings on steel substrate 353 359
Z. Gáliková, M. Chovancová, and V. Danielik Vol. 60, 5
Phase Equilibria in the System KF–AlF3–Al2O3 81 84
V. Danielik Vol. 59, 2
Inconsistency of the Thermodynamic Model of Molten Salt Mixtures Based on the Ion Equivalent Fractions 237 239
P. Fellner and V. Danielik Vol. 57, 4
Phase Diagram of the System KF—KCl—KBF4—K2TiF6 75 80
M. Chrenková, V. Danielik, A. Silný, and V. Daněk Vol. 55, 2
Two Approaches to the Calculation of the Phase Diagrams Containing Congruently Melting Compounds Systems NaF—Na2SO4 and NaF—NaAlF4 233 237
V. Danielik, J. Gabčová, and P. Fellner Vol. 53, 4
Content of Sodium and Lithium in Aluminium in Equilibrium with Cryolite Melts Experimental Data and Thermodynamic Model 195 198
V. Danielik and P. Fellner Vol. 52, 4
Phase Diagrams of the Ternary System Na3AIF6—Na3FS04—Na2S04 and Its Thermodynamic Analysis 215 217
P. Fellner, J. Gabčová, V. Danielik, and M. Láska Vol. 47, 4

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