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Author: Furdík

Synthesis and Antimycobacterial Effect of 3-Formylchromane N-Aroyl- or N-Alkylcarbonylhydrazones 344 347
H. M. Elshaaer, M. Lácová, Ž. Odlerová, and M. Furdík Vol. 48, 5
Pyrethrum synergists. XIX. Diels-Alder reaction of isosafrole with N-substituted maleimides 491 500
M. Furdík, V. Konečný, and M. Livař Vol. 21, 7
Derivatives of ferrocene. XVI. Evidence of formation of ferrocene with an α,α'-dioxopentamethylene, or pentamethylene heteroannular chain bridging 501 506
M. Furdík, P. Elečko, and Š. Kováč Vol. 21, 7
Synthesis of azodicarboxylic acid imide, its N-substituted derivatives and their use as dienophiles in the Diels-Alder reaction 427 442
M. Furdík, S. Mikulášek, M. Livař, and S. Priehradný Vol. 21, 6
Ethynylation of diene adducts with methyl vinyl ketones and with N-substituted maleimides. Herbicide activity of final products 329 339
V. Sutoris and M. Furdík Vol. 21, 5
Synthesis of O-substituted N-hydroxy-1,4,5,6,7,7-hexachlorobicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-en-e2,3-dicarboximides and their herbicide and insecticide activity 340 349
M. Furdík and E. Sidóová Vol. 21, 5
Effect of substituents and their position in the benzene nucleus on the insecticide activity of the phenyl-substituted O,O-dimethyl O-phenyl thiophosphates, O,O-diethyl O-phenyl thiophosphates, and N-methyl phenyl carbamates 650 660
M. Furdík, J. Drábek, I. Locigová, and J. Ondrejka Vol. 20, 9
Derivatives of ferrocene. XV. Investigation of the Michael addition to p-substituted cinnamoylferrocene derivatives 326 335
M. Furdík and Š. Toma Vol. 20, 5
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. XXVI. Perkin synthesis of the cis and trans isomers of 3-(α-naphthyloxymethylene)phthalide and their rearrangements to 1,3-indandiones 834 842
M. Furdík, M. Lacová, M. Livař, and J. Hrivňák Vol. 20, 11
Derivatives of ferrocenes. XIV. Synthesis of new substances by Michael addition starting from chalcones of cinnamoylferrocene type with active reactants 3 17
M. Furdík and Š. Toma Vol. 20, 1
Herbicidal properties of new N-amino-1,4-endocyclohex-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximide derivatives 611 619
M. Furdík, E. Sidóová, and S. Priehradný Vol. 19, 8
Derivatives of ferrocenes. XI. Synthesis of halo compounds derived from acryloylferrocenes 371 378
M. Furdík, P. Elečko, and Š. Kováč Vol. 19, 5
Separation of O-trimethylsilyl- and O-methyl-derivatives of monosaccharides by gas-liquid chromatography 28 33
V. Bílik, Š. Bauer, I. Ježo, and M. Furdík Vol. 19, 1
Synthesis and herbicidal activity of 1-ethynylcyclohexanol derivatives 616 628
M. Furdík, P. Rapoš, A. Štullerová, and S. Priehradný Vol. 17, 9
Derivatives of ferrocene. VIII. Diels-Alder reaction of N-ferrocenylmaleimide with compounds of diene character 21 30
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 17, 1
Synergists of pyrethrum. X. The study of the reaction of bicyclo[1.2.2]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximide and its N-methylol derivative with aliphatic halogen compounds 31 40
M. Furdík and V. Sutoris Vol. 17, 1
Phthalides and 1,3-indandione. XIII. Reactions of 2-phenyl-1,3-indandiones and 2-(α-naphthyl)-1,3-indandiones with monohalo- and dihaloacetate ethyl esters 532 541
M. Furdík, V. Vačoková, and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 16, 7
The derivatives of ferrocene. V. Aldol condensation of 1,1'-diacetylferrocene with alilohatic aldehydes 449 457
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 16, 6
Derivatives of ferrocene. VII. Diels Alder reaction of ferrocenylfulvene and its derivatives with N substituted malei- mides 719 740
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, J. Suchý, and M. Dzurilla Vol. 16, 10
Derivatives of ferrocene. III. Preparation of fulvenes from monoacetyl- and diacetylferrocenes 547 553
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 15, 8
Synergists of pyrethrum. VII. The differentiation of endo and exo isomers of derivatives of bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximides with infrared absorption spectra 490 495
M. Furdík, V. Sutoris, and J. Suchý Vol. 15, 7
Synergists of pyrethrum. VI. Synthesis of endo-cis-Nsubstituted 7-diphenylmethylenebicyclo[1.2.2]hept-5-ene-2,- 3-dicarboximides 173 180
M. Furdík and V. Sutoris Vol. 15, 3
Derivatives of ferrocene. II. The formation of heterocyclic compounds from diacetylferrocene 45 62
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, J. Suchý, and P. Elečko Vol. 15, 1
Synergists of pyrethrum. V. Synthesis of endo-cis-and exo-cis-N-substituted-7-isopropylidenebicyclo[1.2.2]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximides 564 580
M. Furdík and V. Sutoris Vol. 14, 8
Derivatives of ferrocene. I. The synthesis from acetylferrocene 501 512
M. Furdík, P. Elečko, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 14, 7
Phthalides and 1,3-indandione. VI. Prepn. of halogen and nitro derivatives of β-naphthalide and 2-(β-naphthyl)1,3-indandione 44 58
M. Furdík and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 14, 1
Some derivatives of dithiophosphinic acids and their insecticide effect 59 63
M. Furdík, J. Mašek, and R. Kapasný Vol. 14, 1
Synergists in pyrethrum. III. N-Substituted 4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximides and their 4-chloro derivatives 581 587
M. Furdík, V. Sutoris, J. Drábek, and S. Pospíšilová Vol. 13, 10
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. III. Preparation of halo and nitro derivatives of α-naphthalphthalide and 2-(α-naphthyl)-1,3-indandione. The chemistry of naphthalene and 1,3-indandione 464 476
M. Furdík and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 12, 8
Phthalide and 1,3-indandione. IV. The synthesis of new amino derivatives of 2-phenyl- and 2-(α-naphthyl)-1,3-indandiones 642 650
M. Furdík, P. Hrnčiar, and E. Poláková Vol. 12, 11
The preparation of cyclic phthalides and their conversion into derivatives of 1,3-indandione. I. Naphthylphthalide and some of its derivatives 12 18
P. Hrnčiar, Ľ. Krasnec, and M. Furdík Vol. 10, 1
Contributions to national economy in chemical protection of plants 364 370
M. Furdík Vol. 4, 7-8
Pred otvorením výskumného ústavu v Dynamitke 51 54
M. Furdík Vol. 1, 2

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