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Author: Grancicova

Solvent Effects on the Aquation of Chlorocobalt(III) Complexes: the Role of Nonlabile Ligand 149 152
O. Grančičová Vol. 59, 3
Serum levels of vitamin A, C and E in the adults from 10 regions of Slovakia. 486 486
K. Babinska, A. Bederova, T. Magalova, A. Brtkova, S. Bartekova, and E. Grancicova Vol. 52, SI
Antioxidant parameters and trace element levels in children and adolescents from region Snina and Rimavska Sobota 505 505
A. Brtkova, E. Grancicova, T. Magalova, M. Kudlackova, A. Bederova, and S. Bartekova Vol. 52, SI
Breast cancer and antioxidant status in relation to antioxidant micronutrients 509 509
T. Magalova, V. Bella, M. Kudlackova, A. Brtkova, and E. Grancicova Vol. 52, SI
Aquation of cis-diacetatobis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) ion in mixed aqueous-organic solvents 509 517
O. Grančičová and V. Holba Vol. 44, 4
Oxidation of bis(dimethylglyoximato)-bis(isothiocyanato)-cobaltate(III) with peroxodisulfate 113 119
V. Holba, J. Benko, O. Grančičová, and O. Volárová Vol. 43, 1
Alkaline-hydrolysis of methyl hydrogen fumarate in water alcohol mixed-solvents 449 456
V. Holba and O. Grančičová Vol. 42, 4
The influence of ionic strength and temperature on kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of pentaammine(mono-, di-, and trichloroacetato)cobalt(III) ions 433 439
O. Grančičová and V. Holba Vol. 29, 4

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