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Author: Gregáň

Preparation of trisodium O -monoalkyl and O -monoaryl diphosphates 223 226
Fridrich Gregáň, Milan Melicherčík, Juraj Gregáň, and Milan Remko Vol. 62, 2
Correlation Analysis of Infrared, 31P NMR, and Theoretical Data of Derivatives of Phosphoric and Thiophosphoric Acids 230 234
F. Gregan, A. Perjéssy, D. Loos, and N. Prónayová Vol. 52, 4
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of a Series of N,N-Dimethyl-N-alkyl-D-glucaminium Bromides 310 315
F. Gregáň, F. Devínsky, J. Zima, D. Mlynarčík, P. Novomeský, I. Lacko, and J. Sivý Vol. 50, 5
N,N´-Bis(2-alkoxyphenyl)ureas as By-Products in the Reaction of Tertiary Alcohols with 2-Alkoxyphenyl Isocyanates 240 242
F. Gregáň, V. Kettmann, P. Novomeský, and J. Ďurinda Vol. 47, 4
Preparation of S-[2,3-bis(ethylthio)maleimidomethyl] thio- and -dithiophosphates, their spectral and biological properties 547 557
F. Gregáň, V. Konečný, and J. Kmec Vol. 36, 4
Preparation of S-[2,3-bis(phenylthio)maleimidomethyl]thio- and -dithiophosphates, their spectral and biological properties 812 821
F. Gregáň, V. Konečný, Ľ. Krasnec, A. Nagy, and V. Valovičová Vol. 33, 6
Synthesis and biological activity of O,O-dialkyl S-(5-phenyl-5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiin-2,3-dicarboximidomethyl) thio- and dithiophosphates 547 552
F. Gregáň, V. Konečný, Ľ. Jozefíni, and A. Nagy Vol. 30, 4
Synthesis and insecticidal and acaricidal activities of O,O-dialkyl S-(5-methyl-5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiin-2,3-dicarboximidomethyl)thio- and dithiophosphates 250 255
F. Gregáň, V. Konečný, and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 29, 2
Preparation and some spectral properties of substituted N-phenyl-5-methyl-5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiine-2,3-dicarboximides 132 137
P. Hrnčiar, F. Gregáň, and A. Perjéssy Vol. 29, 1
Synthesis and biological activity of O,O-dialkyl S-(3,6-dithia-3,4,5,6-tetrahydrophthalimidomethyl) thio- and dithiophosphates 411 414
V. Konečný, P. Hrnčiar, and F. Gregáň Vol. 27, 3

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