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Author: Kuchta

Four novel cobalt(II) succinate coordination polymers with N-heterocyclic ligands: crystal structures, spectral properties, magnetism and computational study 3741 3753
Marek Brezovan, Vladimír Kuchtanin, Ján Moncol, Ján Pavlik, Ľubor Dlháň, and Peter Segľa Vol. 74, 11
Structural study and magnetic properties of copper(II) thiophene-2-carboxylate with 4-pyridinemethanol and isonicotinamide 863 876
Peter Segľa, Vladimír Kuchtanin, Miroslav Tatarko, Jozef Švorec, Ján Moncol, and Marian Valko Vol. 72, 4
Different structural types of copper(II) furan- and thiophencarboxylates: X-ray structural, EPR, spectral and magnetic analyses 114 125
Petra Bertová, Vladimír Kuchtanin, Zdeňka Růžičková, Ján Moncoľ, Jozef Švorec, and Peter Segľa Vol. 70, 1
Application of the polymerase chain reaction to the microbiological evaluation of food 543 543
T. Kuchta, A. Stefanovicova, and H. Drahovska Vol. 52, SI
Synthesis, Infrared Spectra, Conformation, and Antiyeast  Activity of 2-(Alkoxycarbonylmethylthio)-6-aminobenzothiazoles 420 423
E. Sidóová, A. Perjéssy, D. Loos, and T. Kuchta Vol. 46, 6
Optimal conditions for hydrothermal synthesis of saponite 339 345
Ľ. Kuchta and V. Š. Fajnor Vol. 42, 3
Hydrothermal synthesis of montmorillonite containing iron in structure 343 350
J. Masár, V. Luptáková, Ľ Kuchta, and V. Š. Fajnor Vol. 41, 3
Preparation of synthetic montmorillonite 340 343
Ľ. Kuchta and J. Masár Vol. 27, 3

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