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Author: Kutschy

Synthesis of new 5-bromo derivatives of indole and spiroindole phytoalexins 635 648
Lucia Očenášová, Peter Kutschy, Jozef Gonda, Martina Pilátová, Gabriela Gönciová, Ján Mojžiš, and Pavel Pazdera Vol. 70, 5
Spirocyclisation of phytoalexin 1-methoxybrassinin in the presence of Grignard reagents 631 642
Peter Očenáš, Lucia Tomášová, Peter Kutschy, Pavel Pazdera, Ján Mojžiš, and Martina Pilátová Vol. 67, 6
Addition-Cyclization Reactions of Hexa-2,4-dienoyl Isothiocyanate with Amines and Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide 260 264
M. Ružinský, M. Dzurilla, P. Kutschy, and V. Kováčik Vol. 53, 4
Synthesis of 2-Acylaminobenzimidazoles from Acyl Isothiocyanates and o-Phenylenediamine 39 42
P. Kutschy, V. Ficeri, and M. Dzurilla Vol. 48, 1
Synthesis of 1,2,4-Triazolin-5-ones from S-Allyl N-Acylmonothiocarbamates 64 66
P. Kutschy, M. Dzurilla, and V. Ficeri Vol. 47, 1
Activative Influence of the Nitro Group in the Cyclization Reactions of the Addition Products of 2-Chloro- 5-nitrobenzoyl Isothiocyanate with the Amines and 2-Propanol 405 409
D. Koščík, P. Kutschy, M. Dzurilla, and N. Mazánek Vol. 46, 6
Oxidation and the Hugershoff Reaction of O-Alkyl N-(3-Phenylpropenoyl)monothiocarbamates 102 103
M. Dzurilla, J. Imrich, P. Kutschy, and D. Koščik Vol. 46, 2
Addition-cyclization reactions of (Z)-2,3-diphenylpropenoyl isothiocyanate with aniline and diphenylamine 221 228
M. Dzurilla, P. Kutschy, P. Kristian, and D. Koščik Vol. 44, 2
Reactions of 2-substituted 3-phenylpropenoyl isothiocyanates with sodium hydrogen-sulfide 45 50
M. Dzurilla, P. Kutschy, D. Koščik, V. Ficeri, and R. Kraus Vol. 44, 1
Synthesis of 1,3-thiazoline derivatives by the reaction of thioureas with 2-propynyl bromide 51 56
P. Kutschy, M. Dzurilla, D. Koščik, and M. Hanečáková Vol. 44, 1
Synthesis and addition-nucleophilic reactions of 2-chloro-3-pyridyl and 2,6-dimethyl-4-chloro-3-pyridyl isocyanates 683 691
D. Koščík, P. Kutschy, M. Dzurilla, and P. Kristian Vol. 41, 5
Reactivity of N'-substituted N-(4-pentynoyl)thioureas and N-[2-(2-propynyl)-4-pentynoyl]thioureas 519 526
P. Kutschy, P. Kristian, M. Dzurilla, D. Koščík, and R. Nádaskay Vol. 41, 4
Reactions of 2-cyano-3-phenylpropenoyl isothiocyanate with amines 829 834
M. Dzurilla, P. Kutschy, P. Kristian, and D. Koščík Vol. 40, 6

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