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Author: Leška

Quantitative relations between structure and pesticidal activity of new pyridazinyl thiophosphates 537 546
P. Zahradník, V. Konečný, D. Loos, J. Žúžiová, and J. Leška Vol. 43, 4
Contribution to the study of carcinogenicity of polycyclic aromatic-hydrocarbons and their azaanalogues Carcinogenesis in the excited triplet-state 257 269
J. Leška, G. Krčulová, and D. Loos Vol. 40, 2
Theoretical study of structure of the 1,2-disubstituted derivatives of ethane. II. Conformations of 2-mercaptoethanol and 1,2-ethanedithiol 207 212
P. Zahradník, J. Masler, and J. Leška Vol. 36, 2
Theoretical study of the structures of the 1,2-disubstituted derivatives of ethane. I. Conformations of 1,2-ethanediol, 2-aminoethanol, and 1,2-ethanediamine 291 301
P. Zahradník, J. Masler, and J. Leška Vol. 34, 3
Semi-empirical SCF MO CI Calculation of the Π-Electron Structure of Hydroxy and Amino Derivatives of Anthracene Azaanalogues with Variable β-Approximation 895 904
J. Leška and P. Záhradník Vol. 23, 11-12
Kinetic study of the mechanism of the reaction between bromoacetic acid or α-bromopropionic acid and certain basic compounds 339 352
J. Leška and M. Čapla Vol. 19, 5
Control of level of water flowing through an open vessel 422 423
J. Leška Vol. 19, 5
New type of a thermostat for solutions 476 478
J. Leška Vol. 14, 6

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