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Author: Mocák

Effect of animal age and gender on fatty acid and elemental composition in Austrian beef applicable for authentication purposes 274 283
Adriána Bednárová, Ján Mocák, Walter Gössler, Margit Velik, Josef Kaufmann, and Ladislav Staruch Vol. 67, 3
Prediction of anti-tuberculosis activity of 3-phenyl-2H-1,3-benzoxazine-2,4(3H)-dione derivatives 305 312
Peter Nemeček, Ján Mocák, Jozef Lehotay, and Karel Waisser Vol. 67, 3
Chemometrical analysis of computed QSAR parameters and their use in biological activity prediction 84 91
Peter Nemeček, Tatiana Ďurčeková, Ján Mocák, and Karel Waisser Vol. 63, 1
ICP MS analysis and classification of potable, spring, and mineral waters 445 450
Filip Kraic, Ján Mocák, Željka Fiket, and Goran Kniewald Vol. 62, 5
Proper Ways of Comparison of Two Laboratory Methods 143 146
J. Mocák, B. Balla, A. Bobrowski, and P. Blažíček Vol. 57, 3
Polarographic Study of the Reactions of cis- and írans-Dicyanochromium(III) Complexes with Hg2+ Ions 104 109
M. Rievaj, J. Mocák, and D. Bustin Vol. 55, 2
Redox properties of the bis(2-hydroxyethyl)dithiocarbamate anion and its nickel(II) complex in aqueous-solutions 441 452
H. Hofbauerová, E. Beinrohr, and J. Mocák Vol. 41, 4
Electrochemical study of thiosemicarbazide 295 302
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and E. Beinrohr Vol. 39, 3
Catalytic effect of Cu(TAAB)2+ on ascorbic acid dioxygen oxidation 739 748
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, E. Hlavačková, and K. B Yatsimirskii Vol. 38, 6
Realization and properties of a silver diethyldithiocarbamate electrode 59 66
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, and M. Skatuloková Vol. 38, 1
Preparation, spectral and electrochemical characterization of (dithiocarbamato)nitrosylchromium complexes 337 347
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, and D. I. Bustin Vol. 37, 3
Electrochemical study of some chromium(III) tris(dithiocarbamate) complexes 273 283
J. Labuda, D. I Bustin, and J. Mocák Vol. 37, 2
Electrochemical study of the diethyldithiocarbamate anion and of its oxidation products 633 642
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, and D. I Bustin Vol. 36, 5
Hydrolytic reactions of Cr(CN)2(H2O)3NO and NO(H2O)4Cr-NC-Hg3+ catalyzed by acetate and its α-chloro derivatives 459 469
J. Labuda, D. I Bustin, and J. Mocák Vol. 35, 4
Analogue solution of kinetics of the disproportionation following a first-order chemical reaction 153 164
J. Mocák, D. I. Bustin, and V. Pencák Vol. 31, 2
Amperometrically indicated pseudotitrations. III. Volumetric determination of cobalt(III) with ethylenediamine 609 613
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and D. I. Bustin Vol. 28, 5
Coulometric Bromometric Titration of Free and Coordinately Linked Cyanides 126 132
J. Mocák, D. I. Bustin, and M. Žiaková Vol. 26, 2

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