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Author: Perjéssy

Correlation Analysis of Infrared, 31P NMR, and Theoretical Data of Derivatives of Phosphoric and Thiophosphoric Acids 230 234
F. Gregan, A. Perjéssy, D. Loos, and N. Prónayová Vol. 52, 4
CGC-FTIR Characterization of Mononitro and Dinitro Isomers from Nitration Mixtures of Methyl Arylacetates 34 40
L. Soják, A. Perjéssy, R. Kubinec, and A. G. Giumanini Vol. 52, 1
Preparation, Infrared Spectra, and Growth-Regulating Activity of 2-Substituted Benzimidazoles 393 400
M. Lácová, S. Abliami, A. Perjéssy, K. Kráľová, and J. Chovancová Vol. 47, 6
Synthesis, Infrared Spectra, Conformation, and Antiyeast  Activity of 2-(Alkoxycarbonylmethylthio)-6-aminobenzothiazoles 420 423
E. Sidóová, A. Perjéssy, D. Loos, and T. Kuchta Vol. 46, 6
IR Spectroscopic Study on Host-Guest Interaction of Montmorillonite with Benzothiazolium Compounds 157 161
V. Luptáková, I. Horváth, A. Perjéssy, and K. Putyera Vol. 46, 3
Benzothiazole compounds .34. Preparation of (e)-3-(2-r-vinyl)-2-benzothiazolinones and investigation of their growth-regulating activity 567 578
T.T. Tran, V. Sutoris, V. Sekerka, A. Gáplovský, A. Perjéssy, and D. Loos Vol. 43, 4
Benzothiazole compounds. 27. Alkylation and antifungal activity of some 2-R-3-(2-mercaptoethyl)benzothiazolines 779 790
S. Mikulášek, V. Sutoris, A. Perjéssy, and P. Foltínová Vol. 40, 6
Synthesis and properties of 2-hydrazinobenzothiazole derivatives 791 796
E. Holbová and A. Perjéssy Vol. 40, 6
Imidomethylation of benzothiazole and its derivatives 271 278
E. Sidóová and A. Perjéssy Vol. 40, 2
Wave-numbers of c=o stretching vibrations of exo-7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2,3-dicarboximide derivatives 755 761
A. Perjéssy and E. Sidóová Vol. 39, 6
Theoretical interpretation of substituent effects on C:O stretching vibration of s-trans and s-cis conformations of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds 471 478
A. Perjéssy and R. Ponec Vol. 38, 4
Benzothiazole compounds. XXI. The carbon:oxygen stretching frequencies and structure of 3-substituted 2-oxobenzothiazoles 119 126
A. Perjéssy and V. Sutoris Vol. 38, 1
Application of the Seth-Paul-Van Duyse equation. VI. Calculation of substituent constants of complex structural fragments 357 368
A. Perjéssy Vol. 37, 3
Synthesis and biological activity of 2-(alkylthio)-6-(bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximido)benzothiazoles 269 277
E. Sidóová, Ž. Odlerová, A. Perjéssy, and G. Blőckinger Vol. 34, 2
Synthesis and pesticidal activity of N-arylcarbamoyl-5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiin-2,3-dicarboximides 689 692
V. Konečný, Š. Varkonda, A. Perjéssy, and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 33, 5
Benzothiazole compounds. XIV. Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some derivatives of N-[1-(4-R-2-benzothiazolyl-X)-2,2,2-trichloroethyl]- and N-[1-(2-X-6-R-3-benzothiazolinyl-Y)-2,2,2-trichloroethyl]formamides, -acetamides, -chloroacetamides, and -benzamides 550 557
S. Mikulášek, V. Sutoris, Ž. Odlerová, A. Perjéssy, and V. Konečný Vol. 33, 4
Benzothiazole compounds. XIII. Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some N-[1-(6-R-2-benzothiazolylamino)-2,2,2-trichloroethyl]formamide, -acetamide, -chloroacetamide, and -benzamide derivatives 691 700
S. Mikulášek, Ž. Odlerová, V. Sutoris, A. Perjéssy, and E. Solčániová Vol. 32, 5
Benzothiazole compounds. VII. N-Substituted N'-(4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-5,5-dimethyl-7-oxo-2-benzothiazolyl)ureas 552 557
V. Sutoris, V. Konečný, P. Foltínová, A. Perjéssy, and E. Kuchár Vol. 29, 4
Preparation and some spectral properties of substituted N-phenyl-5-methyl-5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiine-2,3-dicarboximides 132 137
P. Hrnčiar, F. Gregáň, and A. Perjéssy Vol. 29, 1
On Ferrocene Derivatives. XXI. Elucidation of the Structures of Various Acetylated Derivatives of Ferrocene by Infrared Spectroscopy 533 539
A. Perjéssy and Š. Toma Vol. 23, 7
Ferrocene derivatives. XX. Infrared spectra of ferrocene analogs of chalcones 441 449
A. Perjéssy Vol. 23, 6
On Ferrocene Derivatives. XIX. Relative Basicity Examination of Ferrocene Analogues of Chalcones on the Basis of Infrared Spectra 343 351
Š. Toma and A. Perjéssy Vol. 23, 5
Chelate formation properties of some 2-acyl derivatives of 1,3-indandione 107 112
Dagmar Zacharová-Kalavská, I. Zelenský, and A. Perjéssy Vol. 23, 2
Infrared Spectra of Substituted Chalcones and Some of Their Ferrocene Analogues 905 915
A. Perjéssy Vol. 23, 11-12
About phthalides and 1,3-Iftdandione. XXXI. Study of the condensation of 2-Furylessigsäure with phthalic anhydride 53 58
M. Lácová, A. Perjéssy, and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 23, 1

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