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Author: Pikulíková

Liquid Extraction of Copper(ll) and Some Bivalent Metal Ions by Salicylidenalkylimines and N-(2-Hydroxybenzyl)alkylamines 15 20
P. Butvin, S. Lübkeová, K. Čapalová, and Z. Pikulíková Vol. 48, 1
Abtrennung und Bestimmung der Ionen Cu(II), Zn(II) und Mg(II) aus Lösungen von Aminosäuren am chelatbildenden Ionenaustauscher OSTSORB DTTA 175 182
A. Muchová and Z. Pikulíková Vol. 42, 2
Sorption of metal-ions on the chelate-forming cellulose ion-exchangers 69 76
Z. Pikulíková and A. Muchová Vol. 41, 1
Separation of the ion mixtures in the system - strong acidic cation exchanger chelating-agents with phosphonic functional-groups 37 43
A. Muchová and Z. Pikulíková Vol. 40, 1
Study of the complex-forming equilibria of Zn(II), Mg(II), and Ca(II) cations with N-(Methylphosphonic)iminodiacetic and Glycine-N,N-bis(methylphosphonic) acids by the cation-exchange method 481 489
Z. Pikulíková and A. Muchová Vol. 39, 4
Ion-exchange equilibria in the system: strong acidic cation exchanger/metal ion/N-(methylphosphonic)iminodiacetic acid or glycine-N,N-bis(methylphosphonic) acid 781 785
A. Muchová, Z. Pikulíková, and J. Majer Vol. 38, 6
Ion-exchange equilibrium in the system of strong acid cation-exchanger - metal ion - N-(2-hydroxyethyl)iminodiacetic acid 97 102
A. Muchová, Z. Pikulíková, and J. Majer Vol. 36, 1
New complexanes. XL. D,L-N-(2,3-Dihydroxypropyl)-N-(carboxymethyl)aminoacetic acid - electrophoretic and potentiometric study of the formation of the chelates with trivalent central metal ions 190 196
E. Riečanská, Z. Pikulíková, and J. Majer Vol. 34, 2
New complexanes. XXXVIII. D,L-N-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-N-carboxymethylaminoacetic acid. Synthesis, study of acid-base properties, chelate formation with alkaline earth metal cations and divalent heavy metal cations 93 103
J. Majer, E. Riečanská, Z. Pikulíková, and M. Svičeková Vol. 34, 1
New complexons. XXXI. Chelates of ethylenediamine-N,N'-dimalonic, ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic, and ethylenediamine-N,N'-α,α'-diglutaric) acids with lanthanide(III) ions 44 51
E. Dvořáková, Z. Pikulíková, and J. Majer Vol. 29, 1
Electrophoretic Separation and Determination of S mall Amounts of Copper(II), Iron(III), and Iron(II) Ions in Some Inorganic Chemicals by Indirect Densitometry 869 875
Z. Pikulíková, V. Jokl, and J. Majer Vol. 23, 11-12

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