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Author: Polavka

Photooxidation of Hydroxyethylcellulose Changes in Physical Properties due to Corona Discharge 343 347
J. Polavka and L. Lapčík Vol. 46, 5
Photooxidation of polyvinyl-chloride) Changes in physical-properties due to the exposure to corona discharge 259 266
J. Polavka and L. Lapčík Vol. 43, 2
A contribution to the study of the thermodynamics of poly(vinyl chloride) solutions 721 730
J. Polavka and L. Lapčík Vol. 38, 6
Study of the velocity of swelling of the sodium salt of carboxymethylcellulose in aqueous solutions of electrolytes 619 628
J. Polavka, L. Lapčík, V. Kellö, L. Hebort, and M. Vyšný Vol. 38, 5
Study of the interaction in the system poly(2,6-dimethylphenylene oxide)-solvent 761 771
P. Pelikán, L. Lapčík, J. Polavka, and V. Kellö Vol. 36, 6
Preparation of styrene oligomers. I. Synthesis and fundamental characteristics 841 850
J. Polavka, M. Ondrejička, A. Blažková, V. Reiser, and L. Lapčík Vol. 36, 6
Photodestruction of poly(vinyl chloride). II. Influence of monochromatic ultraviolet radiation on physical properties of polymer 359 371
L. Lapčík, J. Štefanec, J. Valášek, M. Čeppan, A. Blažková, and J. Polavka Vol. 35, 3
Crosslinking of polymers by the effect of ultraviolet radiation. Crosslinking of poly(vinyl alcohol) in the presence of terephthalic aldehyde 780 787
J. Polavka, M. Uher, L. Lapčík, M. Čeppan, J. Valášek, and B. Havlínová Vol. 34, 6
Photodestruction of poly(vinyl chloride). I. Changes in transport properties and critical angle of wetting due to the exposure to polychromatic ultraviolet radiation 63 72
J. Polavka, L. Lapčík, and J. Valášek Vol. 34, 1
Study of interfacial diffusion in the system solid poly(vinyl acetate)-solvent by the Matano-Boltzmann method. Numerical processing of experimental data 347 356
V. Kellö, J. Očadlík, J. Polavka, L. Lapčík, P. Kusý, and J. Panák Vol. 33, 3
Kinetics of the formation of swollen surface layer in the system polyamide-formic acid 175 185
V. Kellö, L. Lapčík, S. Hrivnák, J. Polavka, J. Panák, J. Repka, J. Očadlík, and V. Kalíšek Vol. 32, 2

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