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Author: Polievka

Monitoring of the carbon-monoxide formation in treatment of 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionitrile with sulfuric-acid 559 563
M. Polievka and A. Halmová Vol. 39, 4
Kinetics of the reaction of 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionitrile in sulfuric acid yielding methacrylamide 663 667
M. Polievka and L. Uhlar Vol. 38, 5
Kinetics of hydrolysis of methacrylamide sulfate in a sulfuric acid medium 61 69
J. Balák and M. Polievka Vol. 37, 1
Kinetics of esterification of methacrylic acid with a mixture of methanol and water in the presence of sulfuric acid 71 81
J. Balák and M. Polievka Vol. 37, 1
Initiation of the emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride by the system of carbon tetrachloride and oxygen- or nitrogen-containing organic compound 66 74
V. Macho and M. Polievka Vol. 32, 1
Effect of chlorinated hydrocarbons on hydroformylation of propylene 474 479
V. Macho, H. Říhová, and M. Polievka Vol. 29, 4
Formation of Formic Acid and its Esters under Conditions of Hydroformylation 149 153
M. Polievka and E. J Mistrík Vol. 26, 2
Hydroesterification of Olefins under Conditions of Hydroformylation 154 159
M. Polievka and V. Macho Vol. 26, 2
Effect of Organic Bases on the Hydroesterif ication of Propylene 44 48
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and F. Gregor Vol. 25, 1
Alcohols and hydrocarbons as telogens in radical telomerization of ethylene 647 656
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and F. Gregor Vol. 23, 9
Isomerization of allyl alcohol under hydroformylation conditions 170 176
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and L. Komora Vol. 21, 3

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