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Author: Remko

Preparation of trisodium O -monoalkyl and O -monoaryl diphosphates 223 226
Fridrich Gregáň, Milan Melicherčík, Juraj Gregáň, and Milan Remko Vol. 62, 2
Structure and Gas-Phase Stability of Zn(II)--Molecule Complexes 310 315
M. Smieško and M. Remko Vol. 59, 5
Two-Layer ONIOM Calculation of Gas-Phase Acidities of Selected ACE Inhibitors 71 78
M. Smieško and M. Remko Vol. 58, 2
Preferred Conformation of Selected ACE Inhibitors for Interactionwith ACE Active Site 138 143
M. Smieško and M. Remko Vol. 56, 2
Thermodynamics of Cation—Base Complexes L---M, Where M = H+, Li+ and L is H20, HF, NH3, PH3 , SiH2, and CO 637 642
M. Remko Vol. 52, 5
Ab Initio SCF and DFT Study of Configuration and Reactivity of Silacarbamic Acid 185 192
M. Remko Vol. 51, 4
Theoretical Study on the Local Anaesthetic-Receptor Interaction 234 241
M. Remko, K. R. Liedl, and B. M. Rode Vol. 51, 4
Molecular Modelling Study of the Lidocaine, Procaine, and Their Metabolites 35 40
M. Remko, J. Sivý, and V. Kettmann Vol. 50, 1
 Theoretical Study of Proton Affinities of Some N-Bases of Biological Importance 69 71
M. Remko Vol. 47, 2
Ab initio SCF study of geometry and internal barriers to rotation of thiocarbamic S-acid and some of its derivatives 825 832
M. Remko Vol. 44, 6
Ab initio study of geometry and internal rotational barriers of dithiocarbamic acid and several derivatives 151 158
M. Remko and J. Čižmárik Vol. 44, 2
Ab initio study of geometry and internal rotational barriers of silacarbamic acid and several derivatives 601 608
M. Remko Vol. 43, 5
Abinitio and PCILO investigations of the antiarrhythmic tocainide, its cation and hydrochloride 267 278
M. Remko Vol. 43, 2
Quantum chemical investigations of intermolecular hydrogen bonds formed by phenylcarbamates and N-methylacetamide 577 582
M. Remko and J. Čižmárik Vol. 41, 5
1H and 13C nuclear-magnetic-resonance studies of interaction of 5'-AMPwith phenylcarbamate possessing local-anesthetic effect 583 592
M. Remko, T. Liptaj, J. Veselovská, and J. Čižmárik Vol. 41, 5
LCAO MO investigations on lignin model compounds. IV. CNDO/CI calculation of electronic spectra of hydroxybenzaldehyde type models 171 179
M. Remko and J. Polčin Vol. 31, 2
LCAO MO investigations of lignin model compounds. I. CNDO/2 calculations of intramolecular hydrogen bond O-H...OCH3 in models of the guaiacol and syringyl type 170 173
M. Remko and J. Polčin Vol. 30, 2
CNDO/2 calculation of intramolecular hydrogen bond in 2-hydroxybenzenethiol, 1,2-benzenediol, and 1,2,3-benzenetriol 521 525
M. Remko Vol. 29, 4
Analysis of nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of phthalic acid and its diesters 387 391
M. Remko Vol. 29, 3

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