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Author: Ružička

CFD simulation of a small bubble motion in 3D flow domain: effect of liquid density, viscosity and surface tension 3979 3992
Jakub Crha, Pavlína Basařová, and Marek C. Ruzicka Vol. 77, 7
Formation of bacterial and fungal biofilm on conducting polyaniline 505 512
Nikola Mikušová, Petr Humpolíček, Jan Růžička, Zdenka Capáková, Kristýna Janů, Věra Kašpárková, Patrycja Bober, Jaroslav Stejskal, Marek Koutný, Katerina Filatová, Marián Lehocký, and Petr Ponížil Vol. 71, 2
Asymmetric deformation of bubble shape: cause or effect of vortex-shedding? 74 79
Kamil Wichterle, Marek Večeř, and Marek C. Růžička Vol. 68, 1
Spectrophotometry study of the reaction between dyes of the alizarin green series and vanadates in the presence of cetylpyridinium cation 91 101
J. Šimek, Nguyen Truong Son, and E. Ružička Vol. 39, 1
Reactions between dyes of the Alizarin Green series and vanadates in the presence of Septonex (carbethoxypentadecyltrimethylammonium bromide) 758 767
Nguyen Truong Son and E. Ružička Vol. 33, 6
Application of titanometry to titrations in alkaline media. VII. Determination of quinones and some derivatives in dimethylformamide 612 620
E. Ružička and Z. Čermáková Vol. 33, 5
Preparation and properties of some 3-phenoxazone derivatives 408 413
V. Dostál, V. Bekárek, and E. Ružička Vol. 32, 3
Application of titanometry to titrations in alkaline media. V. Determination of hydroxylamine and some of its derivatives in dimethylformamide 160 166
E. Ružička Vol. 30, 2
Reaction of ferric ions with nalidixic and nor-nalidixic acids 517 520
E. Ružička, J. Lasovský, and P. Brázdil Vol. 29, 4
Application of titanometry to titrations in an alkaline medium. IV. Potentiometric determination of azo dyes in dimethylformamide 774 778
E. Ružička Vol. 28, 6
Reaction of indium(III) ions with phlorein 621 624
E. Ružička, A. Lukš, J. Lasovský, and A. Dohnal Vol. 28, 5
Reaction of ammonium salt of thioorotic acid with nickel(II) ions 199 203
J. Šimek, J. Lasovský, M. Král, and E. Ružička Vol. 27, 2
Application of Titanometry to Titrations in Alkaline Medium. I. Determination of Bichromate and Cyanoferrate(III) Ions 516 519
E. Ružička Vol. 26, 6
Resazurin, an indicator for stannometric titrations in alkaline medium 303 308
E. Ružička Vol. 24, 4
Condensation Products of Dibenzophenoxaz-5-ones with Aromatic Amines and Their Physicochemical Investigation 166 172
E. Ružička, V. Dostál, and A. Haviger Vol. 23, 3
Spectrochemical Determination of Small Amounts of Calcium in Sodium Chloride 690 696
M. Růžička and A. Hatváni Vol. 22, 9
Oxazines as acid-base indicators. X. Some Meldola's blue derivatives 431 438
V. Stužka, V. Šimánek, and E. Ružička Vol. 22, 6

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