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Author: Zálupský

Synthesis of Thienothiepinofurans and Thiepinodifurans Novel Synthesis of Heterocyclic Thiolactones and 3-Furyl Ketones 100 102
D. Végh, J. Morel, B. Decroix, and P. Zálupský Vol. 48, 2
Role of aromatic substituent in the photochemical-reactions of naphthyl isoxazolines fused with saturated heterocyclic rings 707 715
P. Zálupský, Ľ. Fišera, and D. Hricová Vol. 40, 5
Investigation of the site selectivity of 7-isopropylidene-norbornadiene and 7-(1-phenylethylidene)norbornadiene in 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions 795 803
P. Zálupský, Z. Piricka, and Ľ. Fišera Vol. 39, 6
Isothiocyanates. XLV. 3-Substituted rhodanines prepared from isothiocyanates containing sulfur beside the functional group 240 243
M. Uher, V. Knoppová, and P. Zálupský Vol. 29, 2
Isothiocyanates. XLII. Synthesis of 3-isothiocyanatophenyl alkyl sulfides and sulfones 662 665
M. Uher, P. Zálupský, and A. Martvoň Vol. 28, 5

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